Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Medical School Lawsuit goes to trial

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In January we told you here about a medical student's lawsuit against Creighton University for refusing to accommodate his learning needs--something that wasn't a problem at Seattle University when Michael Argenyi was an undergrad. During his clinical work, Creighton here. The judge in the case has already told the school it cannot claim that honoring the request would be disruptive to the program or endanger patients. The Justice Dept. has filed a brief on Argenyi's behalf. His jury trial started yesterday in Omaha. The New York Times has more details about the case in a article published this week. You can read it here.
refused to allow him to use an interpreter, even if he paid for the service himself. The school maintains it provided him with the necessary tools to succeed in medical school. At the first of the year, an appeals court reinstated Argenyi's lawsuit after it was originally dismissed by a judge. In May, we told you about his court date