Thursday, August 15, 2013

See Our Signs!

scene from NTD performance
The National Theatre of the Deaf in New London, Connecticut will present a series of free shows at the Hygienic Art Park over the next few days. See Our Signs! will be performed this Saturday (Aug. 18), Tuesday (Aug. 20) and the following Saturday (Aug. 25).  After than, the Little Theatre of the Deaf will go on our with See Our Signs!  The performance begins with improvisation and ends with improvisation during which the actors take create pieces based on audience suggestions, such as an animal or a machine. For another of the improvisational segments, the actors teach signs to the audience. The heart of the show deals with tangrams, in which seven shapes are assembled to form other shapes. The tangram puzzles began in ancient China. Inspired by those shapes, the NTD group creates stories. Find out more here.