Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Medical Student Wins Appeal

It looks like a deaf medical school student will get his jury trial. An appeals court is reinstating Michael Argenyi's lawsuit against Creighton University after it was dismissed by a judge. He sued the Omaha school for discrimination because the private Jesuit university accepted him for medical school but then refused to accommodate his learning needs. Argenyi has a cochlear implant but also uses cued speech. He was able to use a transcription service along with a cued speech interpreter at Seattle University as an undergrad. He earned a high GPA at the school in Washington State. But while at Creighton, he was provided some assistance, Argenyi says it was not enough. The school refused his request for interpreters and a transcription system - claiming they were to expensive. Creighton even refused to let him use an interpreter when he interacted with patients--despite the fact that he was willing to pay for the service out of his own pocket. The school told him that he should not be using interpreters in the "real world".

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Anonymous said...

So deaf/hh people can't use interpreters in the "real world"? Wonder where i live then?