Sunday, May 17, 2015

Gally Graduation-2015!

More than 200 undergraduates received degrees from Gallaudet University during the school's 145th Commencement exercises. The Washington, DC school conferred 212 undergraduate and 176 graduate degrees. Often recognized as the "father of the Internet," Dr. Vinton Cerf was the special speaker. He was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom and received the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters, honors causa. Google's chief Internet evangelist, Cerf is hard of hearing. He told students:
Your interests, aspirations, creative talents and your desires will influence the markets and products of the future. By this time, you will have learned that hard work, patience and persistence really count in the real world. I hope you have also discovered that doing things that you like and are good at makes work seem more like fun and adventure. You hear often that you should discover what triggers your own passion and pursue that in your career. Do not allow others to define who you are or what your limits might be. These are yours and yours alone to discover and to extend.
Read more here. Below are some messages from seniors.

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