Sunday, May 22, 2011

Matlin Loses Apprentice

The finale of Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice aired tonight on NBC. Deaf actress Marlin Matlin lost the competition to Country singer John Rich. The two performed a duet together about giving to their charities. In the two-part finale, they competed in launching 7Up Retro by designed a new can, store display and wrote, shot and produced a commercial. Marlee took the ‘70s theme with help from the Harlem Globetrotters while Rich focused on the 80s aided by Def Leppard. His charity was St. Jude Children’s Hospital and she raised money for the Starkey Hearing Foundation.


Anonymous said...

Great thanks got ruining it for those of us in az and rest of the coast here..

SignWithMeVA said...

Marlee will always be a winner

Kentucky: SEKDC said...

What is the real point to this show, the Celebrity Apprentice on television?????

Odd choice of winner...

At the 7UPs retro ad campaign, John Rich should have not sang "Don't Fire Me" this was the campaign for 7UP!!!! Not about saving John Rich's rear end! Plus the band was late!

Marlees team did far better than Johns! Come on!

With the finals show tonight, what was the difference did Donald Trump mean????

Was it for the St. Jude Childrens Hospital?
Because Marlee's Deaf? She can't be a best business brainer because she can't hear?
Or because the Deaf and Hard of Hearing children will be alright???

It's obviously we understand that the St. Jude Chidrens Hospital needs the money, so bending for John to win is, ah not a true Celebrity Apprentice choice!

Marlee had the Best Business Brains! Her final competition was far best than John Rich!

If it were the St. Jude Childrens Hospital needing the money, why not go for a Tie???
Or Donald Trump did not want to lose money?!

So now, explain why let John Rich get away with singing "Do not fire me" at 7UPs retro ad campaign?
And what was the difference to pick John as a winner? Explain!

I've followed this show, studied how these celebrities made mistakes and earned good business points and performances. So far this season, it's way off the point!
Marlee should have won, she performed the best business brains I've ever seen and is indeed very intelligent!

So, therefore, if Donald Trump is not going to comment these questions... I'll never watch his show again. I will not even vote for him for anything either.
Because it clearly shows he was not fair towards her -because she's deaf.