Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Customer Discrimination Tips

Want to avoid a discrimination lawsuit for the way you treat your customers? Here are some tips from employment attorneys on educating employees about discrimination:

1 - Formalize training.
Derek T. Smith: “There needs to be more of a focus, because I get inquiries every week about discrimination lawsuits." Eric Broutman: “It needs to be discussed with every new hire, or once a year.” H

2 - Teach them what discrimination looks like.
Derek T. Smith: “Any time an establishment calls someone a racial slur when they get into a fight. Or if they treat people differently – I’ve seen cases in stores where racial profiling has occurred. African-Americans have been followed around the store, whereas white patrons have not.

3 - Provide reasonable accommodations.
Derek T. Smith: “If anybody has a disability, they need to be accommodated in a reasonable fashion. If a person in a wheelchair has difficulty getting into your store, you need to get off your [butt] and walk over, and help the person into the store.”

4 - Consider installing cameras.

5 - Enable customers to give feedback.
Eric Broutman: “It’s important to have managerial oversight to make sure there’s compliance [with rules regarding discrimination]. Allow customers an avenue to make complaints, so if there are rogue employees, you can make sure to take necessary action.”

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