Saturday, July 20, 2013

Deaf friends open Store together in Cali

A new comic book store in the LA suburb of Riverside is open for the first time this weekend--and the owners are deaf. Three years in the planning, the store is called Sphinx Comics, Cards and Collectibles and covers 1600 square feet. Craig Herman (born deaf) and Mikey Marts (lost his hearing as a child to spinal meningitis) are both in their 40s and graduated from Gallaudet with degrees in business administration. But the men didn't met when Herman moved to town so that his two children (ages 12 and 4) could attend the California School for the Deaf. Marts' wife works at the school. The co-owners plan to use iPads or note pads with hearing customers who don't know ASL. Both started collecting when they were kids--Marts kept comic books while Herman collects sports figures and cards.