Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Last night's episode of Switched At Birth included a reference to a movie called Deafenstein. One of the deaf characters in the TV show gave another one a poster for the made-up movie about a deaf monster. The Frankenstein adaptation is supposedly performed entirely in ASL. The film is so bad (in the cheesy sense) that the Switched at Birth characters like it. It is apparently a takeoff of a real film titled Deafula, a 1975 version of Dracula performed in ASL, with a similar reputation.On another note, the ABC Family series has received an order for 22 more episodes, which will give Switched a 32 episode first season. The next season will begin early next year. So, while the network is is running promotional announcements for the finale next week, take note that it will be the summer finale and not the season finale.