Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Disney Trip in Sign

An ASL Disneyland vacation with hand held captions.

Here's a transcript:

Hello. I’m here at Disney California. They have a new device. Well, maybe it’s not new, but it’s new to me. It’s called Hand Held Caption. It’s for Closed Captions. You can push the buttons, aim it in the direction you want to look at and it will copy the closed caption to the screen so you can read what is being said. Pretty cool! Disney California is accessible! Whoo!(Showing device)Later: Hello again. I’m here at “Talking with Crush” the turtle. I love sea turtles if you don’t already know that. Something interesting I want to share… I got that Hand Held Caption machine that is supposed to help with closed captions, but there is no closed captions here. Only at one event here. That’s all. Just one ride/show in all of Disney California. Only one called “Monster Inc.” But here with Crush, there’s none. Darn! Is Disney really accessible to Deaf people?? Not. I asked a worker if he could turn on the closed captions, but they had none. Sad.Hello again. You know, as an individual, I wear many hats. I have many roles. I am LaRonda: a mom, a woman, Deaf, a boss… and I do many different things. Today, you will see me in “many different hats” just like the roles I play in my own life. Right now, I’m at Disneyland. Actually, I’m at an IHOP restaurant. (chuckle) Enjoy!