Sunday, August 2, 2009

First X Game Medalist

A Florida teenager has become the first X Game deaf medalist. Ashley Fiolek won the women's Moto X Super X in her debut. She came from behind on the last lap. The 18-year-old turned pro last year, winning back-to-back titles on the Women's Motocross Association circuit. She took the checkered flag at nine of the tour's 12 races

Fiolek was born deaf and can't hear anything less than 100 decibels. That makes it much harder for her to know when to shift gears. She depends on the vibration of the motorcycle. She was racing by the age of 7 and won a national championship when she turned 13.

Fiolek is the first American woman gain a major factory sponsorship. Her sponsors include Hondy, T-Mobile and Red Bull. Here's a sample of her riding.