Thursday, October 18, 2012

Why you can Trust Deaf New Today

Former CNN anchor and current journalism professor Stephen Goforth launched Deaf News Today (DNT). 

When did you start DNT?
I started Deaf News Today in 2001 after taking an HTML class while I was working at CNN. Our instructor suggested creating a website based on what we had learned. Using what you learn is a great way to internalize new material. I decided to create a news site focused on gathering information relevant to those in Deaf Culture and those connected with it.

What's the goal of this website?
 I hope it provides clear and concise news coverage about deaf-related issues. I hope to provide objective news reports--that is, news reporting that doesn't take sides on issues but just presents the facts and lets the reader decide for themselves.

Why a site about news related to the deaf—instead of a hobby or pastime? 
I'm keeping this deaf news site going for the deaf man in his 70s who spend the summer living with me--for the times I saw him struggle through daily interactions with the hearing community who often misunderstood or ignored him. I'm doing it for my friend who chose to let her child have a cochlear implant and for my deaf friend who decided to have her implant removed because it just wasn't working for her. It's for my CODA friend (child of a deaf adult)  who worked hard to build a new sign language interpreting agency in order to serve the deaf community in which she grew up. I'm doing it for my deaf friend who works in church ministry, sharing his faith with other signers. I'm doing it for the hopeful faces I saw at Gallaudet’s graduation ceremonies, and those at deaf church services, at ASL classes I attended and deaf comedy events. It's for the audiologists and parents and students who write regularly, glad for the effort to keep them updated on issues of interest. It's for those who work with the deaf every day--and for those who don't know anything about Deaf Culture. I'm doing it because it really is making a difference in people's lives--because information is power and I want to empower those around me to make a positive impact.

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