Monday, March 2, 2009

TDD Request Denied.. Again

A south Mississippi County’s Board of Supervisors heard a plea for them to install TDDs in Pike County buildings including the county courthouse and sheriff’s department. A coach at the Louisiana School for the Deaf and the daughter of a pastor signed to the members that the equipment is needed. “I’ve been living here since 1985, and there’s nothing been done in this county,” she said tearfully, according to the Enterprise-Journal. Her father, McComb pastor Jerry Gressett was even more direct. He has been asking the board to take action for several years but the county does nothing for its deaf residents. “I’m fed up with this county. I’m disgusted. As long as I can breathe I’m going to fight, and I’m not going to stop.” The board did not provide an interpreter for the coach or Gressett’s daughter.