Sunday, March 8, 2009

Amazing Race: Episode Four

Tonight's CBS show Amazing Race took the contestants to the cold of Siberia. Each team had to stack a large pile of wood. Many teams have their wood stacks fall over before they are able to complete them. But not deaf contestant Luke and his mother.

Luke and Margie actually complete their woodpile and decide to block the progress of Amanda and Kris by putting a U-turn in their path. That forces the dating couple to complete an extra task. The couple ends up getting eliminated as a result of falling so far behind the others.

In the next leg of the race, one team member must ride a bobsled down the hill in less than 4 minutes while keeping track of certain letters along the way. The letters are then used to make the name of a famous Russian playwright.

Luke had a hard time putting the name together. His mom felt his frustration but wasn't able to help him. Eventually, Luke unscrambles the correct word “Chekhov”. Luke and Margie complete the episode in 4th place.