Thursday, January 30, 2014

His role model is playing in Sunday's Super Bowl

image from Gallaudet Athletics 
Adham Talaat was a two-time academic all-American at Gallaudet University. He says he now looks up to Seattle Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman as a role model. Coleman will be playing in the Super Bowl this weekend. Talaat is a "talented underdog who has had to overcome huge obstacles to get where he is. He is severely to profoundly deaf, and he said he is able to hear only very loud noises — like fire alarms — if he is not wearing his hearing aids. The New York Times has more on Talaat's struggle to follow in the footsteps of Coleman and reach the NFL here.

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Anonymous said...

It truly is wonderful that the Seattle Seahawks will be playing in the Superbowl, yes.

However, we do not know if Derrick Coleman will be a part of the 45-man roster selected to play. All NFL teams have 53 players on the roster, but on game days, only 45 players are selected to play; the other 8 players are out of luck. All teams must announce their game rosters (of 45 players) one hour before the game starts. It is up to Coach Pete Carroll to select Derrick Coleman or not. As we know, Derrick Coleman is one of the team’s best Special Teams players (kickoffs, punts, field goals attempts) while sometimes playing fullback. Sometimes, special teams players are not selected to play on game days.

We can certainly hope Derrick Coleman will be selected to play on Superbowl Day.

May the best team win!