Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Deaf Students Kidnapped to Commit Crimes

Gangs in China have been abducting deaf students and forcing them to commit crimes, according to the Beijing News. Police have arrested some 360 people in a nationwide crackdown--including China’s most-wanted man. Authorities say Yang Erdu was behind the operation. The suspects belong to 61 gangs from provinces across China.  The scheme that has gone on for more than two decades. The photo you see is of a deaf woman meeting her family after being kidnapped 21 years ago. Police rescued 70 deaf people in all who had taken part in more than 300 crimes. Many are teenagers who were not allowed to contact family members or speak to strangers. Those who disobeyed were punished by have their ears and hand tendons cut. If the deaf captives were arrested, the gangs threatened them with harm if they revealed who was behind the crimes. The gangs often used Chinese sign language to communicate with each other and their deaf captives.