Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Video of McCaskill news conf

Here are some quotes and the video from the news conference of Gallaudet University's diversity officer who is on administrative leave for signing a petition asking that that Maryland’s same-sex marriage law be put to a vote. Angela McCaskill spoke through an interpreter yesterday in Annapolis:
“The students are watching. The world is watching. I ask that the administration makes the right decision and rights their wrongs." 
“I’m dismayed that Gallaudet University is still a university of intolerance, of management by intimidation, which allows bullying among faculty, staff and students." 
"I was shocked, hurt, insulted, I was humiliated. Not only for myself, but for the students at Gallaudet University. They deserve better. They look to us for guidance and we give them this? It is utterly wrong."
"I view the president's email as a termination of my position. The content did not allow for any resolution. " 
Here's a video of the news conference, which includes Congressional leaders: