Friday, October 5, 2012

Runner: I am Deaf

Patrick Rizzo could be the top American in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon this Sunday (Oct 7). The deaf runner is originally from Chicago, but now lives in Boulder, Colorado. Three years ago he came in 10th overall - and he won the Chicago Half Marathon. He did well at the Olympic Trials earlier this year. He began losing his hearing at the age of 15 from an allergic reaction to metal poisoning from his braces. Rizzo tells the Chicago Sun-Times "I hope to get more involved in the deaf and hard-of-hearing community... If anyone has any suggestions on groups, organizations, or schools where I could possibly influence others who are going through the same stresses that I went through, I’d love to become more involved. I have just recently, after 15 years deaf, come to terms with accepting that I’m never getting my hearing back and just letting people know that I AM deaf."