Saturday, September 5, 2009

Medical Causes of Hearing Loss

  • Otosclerosis

This disorder only affects the bones in and around the ear. About one-in-ten of those who contract the disease will suffer progressive hearing loss. Only half of 1% of the general population get it but 10% of the Anglo and Hispanic population are affected by it. It's rare among African Americans. Women come down with it twice as often as men. The most common treatment for otosclerosis is stapedotomy surgery.

  • Ototoxic

These are medications that can damage your inner ear. For instance, some antibiotics are "ototoxic" meaning they can impair your hearing and balance. Aspirin can even cause temporary problems. If you’re having a hearing problem, ask your doctor about any medications you’re taking.

  • Tinnitus

This form of hearing loss happens naturally with age. It’s a persistent ringing, hissing, or roaring in the ears. It’s frequently caused by exposure to loud noise or certain medicines.

  • Presbycusis

Presbycusis is a form of hearing loss happens naturally with age. It can be caused by changes in the inner ear, auditory nerve, middle ear or outer ear. Some of its causes are aging, loud noise, heredity, head injury, infection, illness, certain prescription drugs, and circulation problems such as high blood pressure. Studies indicate it is probably inherited.