Sunday, April 19, 2009

Conflict on Amazing Race

On this evening's episode of Amazing Race, teams flew to China where Margie and her deaf son Luke argued with sisters Jen and Kisha. Luke pushed at Jen who calls him a bitch. Luke didn’t hear it, of course, but Margie did. And she tells her son what Jen said to him. At the next clue box, they have another confrontation. Luke pushes Jen into the clue box.

The CBS show made each train birds to retrieve fish in the middle of a lake. Luke tried to direct the birds with sign language and Jen laughed when one of the birds bit him. Margie and Luke then had to find a calligraphy station and copy four Chinese characters in calligraphy.

Jen and Kisha arrive at about the same time as Margie and Luke but the sisters are declared the winners and win a trip to Barbados. Luke signs his frustration and declares that Jen is a bitch. Kisha and Jen start laughing which upsets Marge because she thinks the sisters are laughing at Luke's deafness.

Stuntmen Mark and Michael are the last team to finish and are eliminated from the race.