Monday, April 27, 2009

Amazing Race: Episode 10

There are only four teams left on the Amazing Race and one is a deaf man and his mom. During last night's episode, the teams made their way to Beijing where Marge and Luke must get a foot massage. Sounds simple but it’s painful. Luke decides to holds hands with a member of another team (Tammy) and share their pain. The teams next have to swim eight lengths of a pool or do a synchronized dive together. Margie and Luke choose to swim laps and moved through the relay quickly. Viewers who tuned in last week saw Luke get into a confrontation with another team, sisters Jen and Kisha. Ironically, it's Jen who’s in trouble this time. She falls apart over the requirement to swim. Margie makes fun of Jen and Kisha's lack of swimming ability after she thought that Jen was making fun of Luke’s deafness last week. Later, Luke can be heard saying, ''I'm gonna make it to the final three…and kick their ass.'' The episode ends without showing who is eliminated. With only have two more episodes to go, we can expect one team will be eliminated next week, leaving three to battle it out for the one million dollar prize.