Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Today Show Jokes about Fake interpreter

NBC's Today show is apologizing for a joke about the fake interpreter at the memorial service for Nelson Mandel in South Africa. During a discussion of the controversy among the hosts, someone appeared in the corner of the screen, making random gestures as if they were an sign language interpreter. Host Natalie Morales shook her head and immediately said, “Oh no, no, no. Guys, let’s not do that,” Morales said, shaking her head. She was joined by other anchors who expressed disapproval. Al Roker echoed her "No, no, no" and added "wrong" before covering his face with his hands.The Today Shows Twitter feed later send this apology: We aired a joke in our 9:00 hour that was offensive. We apologize to our viewers. Here's a video of what happened.

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