Monday, December 16, 2013

Salaries for Top Gallaudet Administrators

T. Alan Hurwitz makes more than half-of-a-million dollars in total compensation as president of Gallaudet University. Hurwitz pulls in $512,946, According to the Chronicle of Higher Education. That makes him the third highest-paid president in his peer group. Here are some other Gallaudet salaries, as reported by the Chronicle. Paul Kelly, VP for finance & administration: $408,183

  • Stephen Weiner, Provost: $309,962
  • Cynthia King, Chief information officer: $269,420
  • Edward Bosso, VP for clerc center: $259,792
  • Carol Erting, Dean, GSPP: $258,779
  • Donald Bell, Chief of staff: $256,978
  • Thomas Allen, Director VL2: $250,446
  • Catherine Andersen, Assistant provost & chief enrollment manager: $247,396
  • Jane Dillehay, Professor & chairperson gsr: $245,427
  • Lynne Murray, VP for development and alumni relations: $240,519

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