Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Implant Activated During Today Show

A deaf woman agreed to have her cochlear implant turned on live on NBC's Today Show this morning. Find out how it went in the video below (captions included).

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Rae Johnson said...

Please understand this about the cochlear implant: You may hear better, but you may not ever hear normally. You may hear "blurred" words that remain unclear forever. That is just like being a hard of hearing person. Many words seem blurred or mumbled that are clear to others. In other words, for a young deaf, the CI may or may not produce normal sounds and may or may not allow the CI user to hear speech sounds everyone else hopes the chis child will hear. This is a situation for parents to monitor very carefully.

Cohens Mom said...

For someone who has never heard before, what they hear IS normal to them. If my son who is 3 now (and had his first activation 2 years ago)speaks clearly, then why would I consider that things are blurred or unclear? I agree, we must have monitoring by his activation center. And no, I don't believe implants are for everyone. But I am frustrated by people using judgement and passing on ignorance for something they have no experience with. I <3 Cohen, my deaf son that can hear!