Sunday, July 21, 2013

Call from UK to support Deaflympics from Newspaper

"Deaflympians competing in Sofia had to beg and skimp just to be there" says the Guardian. The paper makes a pitch for support of the British Deaflympic squad here.


Anonymous said...

immediate press release

joel barish - an unfit icsd candidate

USA is sending about 126 athletes to the Sofia Games.

It is a small delegation for USA - the biggest sports country in the world.

Many good athletes are left out because they could not raise money to travel to Sofia.

We appealed for help to Joel Barish but he remained indifferent and ignorant to our pleas for help.

Now, we see Barish wants to run for the ICSD Presidency.

What a candidate-joke he is!

He never was involved in the USADSF before.

He never served in any position in the regional sports organizations in the USA like the FAAD, EAAD, CAAD.

In his video appeal to the world Barish tells that if he is elected to the ICSD Presidency he will contact large companies for donations, etc.

Why did not he provide his service for the USADSF as a start?

For the past several months USADSF has been having a vacant position - the Vice President of International Service ( Billy Bowman vacated this position in 2012 ). Why did not Barish apply for this position in order to show his proof as an able and qualified sports administrator, etc.?

Barish is a big talker!

He is a clear puppet of Donalda Ammens ( by the way, 1) Ammons as an ex-ICSD President was the one to make bad contracting arrangements with the Deaflympics hosts - Slovakia-2011, Greece-2013 and Canada-2015 - all of which were cancelled in 2011; 2) she lost a large amount of money in the ICSD Jerald Jordan Special Fund; 3) Ammons was also expelled in disgrace by foreign delegates from the 43th ICSD Congress attending, which was held in Italy in 2011).

He is an opportunist!

He is a demagogue!

His application to run for the ICSD presidency is an insult to the ICSD and sports world as he was never in the USADSF, never he was the USA delegate to the ICSD Congress!

Please share this information to the Sofia ICSD Congress Delegates and if possible, to disqualify this totally unfit candidate - Joel Barish - from the election running.

Parents of Disgruntled USA Athletes Who Could Not Travel to Sofia

Ina said...

This is cool!