Saturday, May 23, 2015

Life After Hearing Loss

An article on how "the brain adjusts to sensory impairments, no matter how minor" in Medical Daily reports:
Most of us are familiar with stories “heightened senses” in those with sensory impairments, such as the superhuman hearing of the blind superhero “Daredevil.” While the ability may have been glamorized in pop culture, it’s actually a common phenomenon found, perhaps to a lesser degree, in real humans. A recent University of Colorado study, which will be presented at the 169th meeting Acoustical Society of America May 18-22th, found that these heightened sensory abilities caused by sound deprivation did not only exist in those who were profoundly deaf but was present in adult patients with only a mild degree of hearing loss.
Read the full story of what Medical Daily says are common effects of hearing loss here.