Thursday, May 7, 2015

Gally Hall of Fame adds theater pioneer

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Gallaudet University Hall of Fame has a new inductee. Bernard Bragg is the only inductee for this year. Gallaudet President T. Alan Hurwitz says, "Dr. Bernard Bragg is regarded as a passionate and energetic trailblazer for deaf people in the national as well as international arts communities." He will be officially inducted this fall during President Hurwitz's annual welcome back speech to the campus. One of the first people to popularize mime in the US, Bragg studied under French mime artist Marcel Marceau in Paris. He is the deaf son of deaf parents, who 15 years as a teacher at California School for the Deaf in Berkeley.  Co-founder of the National Theatre of the Deaf, Bragg is the recipient of a Special Tony Award, an honorary doctorate from Gallaudet University and a special Lifetime Achievement Award from the World Federation of the Deaf.  Read more about Bragg here.