Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Florida Killer Sentenced

A Florida man who stabbed four deaf people and injured others will spend the rest of his life in jail. Two of the victims died. Anthony Giancola was a middle school principal in Tampa until until his arrest for buying crack cocaine. In June of last year, he went on a crime spree, first attacking the deaf people in St. Petersburg at a group home before going after a couple with a hammer at a hotel they owned. Prosecutors also say he hit and injured several people but drove away. Prosecutors were never able to make a connection between Giancola and the victims--the violence appeared to be random. He cut a deal where he agreed to plead guilty in order to avoid the death penalty. Circuit Judge Thane Covert gave Giancola was 30 years on top of six consecutive life sentences. Below is a video from WTSP-TV about the crimes back when it first happened (no captions).