Monday, June 3, 2013

Order in Sign Language at this Bar

London's Deaf Lounge
A unique bar opened this past weekend in North London. At the Deaf Lounge, everyone knows sign language. That includes all the bartenders, the security guard and even the DJ is partially deaf. Although hearing patrons are welcome as well, the owners wanted a place where BSL users would feel comfortable. Unlike most bars, the lighting is bright to help with signing. Paper and pens can be found throughout the Deaf Lounge for writing messages. There's a flashing light fire alarm and posted signs are in BSL and English. Paul Cripps, deaf since birth, is co-owner along with Domani Peir, who is not deaf. Cripps and Peir plan to start salsa, zumba and DJ workshops where deaf people will be taught to read beats and play instruments. The bar's Facebook page is here.