Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Smartphone Apps

Here are some iPhone apps useful for those who have hearing loss or are working with the deaf.

LouderTV works as a personal amplifier and headphones. ($1.99)

Play It Down will even test your own hearing to tell you the "age" of your ears and can be adjusted for hearing loss by age. (free)

Tap Tap vibrates and flash an alert when it detects voice. If the door knocks, or someone is speaking or shouting, the user will know. ($2.00)

Dragon Dictation transcribes spoken words to improve conversation. (free)

ASL Dictionary is a pocket reference with more than 4,800 signs in video that can be slowed and looped. Requires a 3G or WiFi connection. ($2.00)

iASL translates up to five English words into American Sign Language. Comes with a dictionary including 5800 signs. ($1.99)

My Smart Hands Baby Sign Language Dictionary has videos of the most common signs for children. A free version has 33 signs for testing while the full version has 300 signs and quizzes. ($4.99)

British Sign Language - Finger Spelling shows you how to spell using the British two-hand method. (free)

An Introduction To British Sign Language help with numbers, simple greetings and colors. ($1.99)

RIDBC Auslan Tutor: Key Signs for iPad is a starter for learning sign used by the Australian deaf community, showing both photographs and short video clips. (free)