Friday, May 18, 2012

the New Big Idea Contest

A team of NTID students took top honors in a technology competition for their device designed to help deaf athletes. V-Sports won $5000 as part of the New Big Idea contest. Team members include:

  • business administration major Jeremiah Thompson
  • applied mathematics technology major Tyler Swob
  • accounting technology major Michael Della Penna
  • engineering technology student Shane Qualls
  • hearing and computer engineering student Ken Hertzog

The students tested their prototypes at Rochester School for the Deaf. Team Get Dancin’ won Second place. They pocketed $3,000 for an idea to open a dance studio for the deaf, where teachers would use sign language. The team was made up of:

  • graphics design major Nicole Hood
  • accounting technology major Nic Shaw
  • Master of Science Program in Secondary Education student Samatha Braidi

Third place and $2,000 went to team WaterSocket:

  • packaging science major Casey Jaeger
  • Matthew Hente
  • mechanical engineering major Richie Prilenski

Their idea is to create a waterproof cover for tcochlear implants using a super hydrophobic spray.

The competition was sponsored by ZVRS video relay service.