Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Review of The Hammer

Many theaters around the country will be showing The Hammer tonight. Here is a review of the new film written by ASL interpreter Robbi Crockett: Imagine being the only hearing person in a theatre FULL of Deaf moviegoers visually tuned in to the emotional, heart-felt premiere of Matt Hamill’s The Hammer. The saga begins in Matt’s younger years when his mother and grandfather find out that he is deaf and try to cope with his hearing-loss – a condition that unfortunately leaves him searching for his "self-identity." After suffering bumps and bruises in the hearing community and culture, he is offered an incredible opportunity to attend NTID in New York ( The intense infatuation with the world of wrestling became Matt’s key to unlocking many doors of opportunity for him. The movie is both heart-warming and inspirational. You will cry and laugh as you gain an understanding of the amazing culture of the Deaf community. My deaf father joined me for the premiere and he said the film was great. He's in the photo with me and the actor playing Matt Hamill, Russell Harvard, who answered audience questions and gave multiple photo opportunities after the movie. The theater’s hearing staff was not aware of how those in Deaf culture like to stay late after an event and chat into the late hours. The staff had to flip on and off the lights to ask the audience to leave, so the theater could be cleaned up before the next showing. The Deaf members then congregated into the lobby so they could continue their visual discussions about the movie. Find out more information about The Hammer by clicking here