Saturday, November 26, 2011

Jailed without Access to an Interpreter

A Denver man is suing Adams County law enforcement for keeping him in jail for 25 days without providing an sign language interpreter. Timothy Siaki was charged with domestic assault charges - charges which were eventually dismissed. According to his lawsuit, the county jail does not have procedures in place to stay in compliance with ADA law. Siaki and his fiancee were staying at a Super 8 motel last year when they began to argue. Because the couple did not respond to knocks at their hotel room door, deputies broke it down with guns drawn and ordered Siaki to the floor. When he did not obey the spoken orders, a deputy forced him down and arrested Siaki. During the entire ordeal at the hotel and for days later in the county jail, he was not provided an interpreter, according to his lawsuit, even though both he and his fiancee primarily communicate through American Sign Language. The county is not commenting on the lawsuit.