Thursday, March 18, 2010

H&R Block Cuts Deal Over ADA Violations

H&R Block has agreed to provide qualified interpreters for deaf customers as part of an agreement the company has made with the US Justice Department. The agreement settles a complaint made under ADA law against H&R Block for access to tax preparation services for deaf people. Block has agreed to adopt and enforce a deaf-friendly policy and post that policy on its Web site as well as in its offices, manuals and other print materials. The new policy will be given to current and new staff. H&R Block has also agreed to compile and maintain a list of sign language interpreter providers, staff training on the ADA and the company's obligations to provide effective communication to individuals with disabilities, create and monitor a grievance procedure for ADA-related complaints and pay $2500 in damages to an individual who filed an ADA complaint along with a $5,000 civil penalty.