Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Airline Loses Passenger

Virgin Airlines lost track of a deaf passenger in its care Monday. 38-year-old Saras Wati Devifrom was headed on a flight from Melbourne to Brisbane. She was then supposed to get on a Virgin Pacific Blue flight to Fiji. A Virgin Blue staffer was supposed to accompany here the entire way because she does not read or write English but can lip read Hindi. Not only did she miss her flight, the airline didn't know what happened to her for five hours. Her nephew contacted police. He told Australian media that the Airline staff seemed to be trying to avoid doing any work while family members were in tears. She was eventually found by another airline in airport. The airline says it is investigating but the family says there has been no apology yet or offer of an explanation. Virgin tried to get Australian courts to ban disabled people flying unaccompanied but failed.