Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Matlin on Family Guy

Actress Marlee Matlin took part Sunday night in special put together from the people who produce the Fox comedy Family Guy (video below). She took part in a sketch that made fun of her speaking voice. Here’s what she told Entertainment Weekly about the appearance:

"I was just part of the joke. I learned a long time ago from when I did Seinfeld never to take anything seriously and to be part of the joke is the best way to show what a good sport I was.. I know a lot of deaf people might have been offended when they made fun of my voice but remember, it was MY voice they were making fun of. I was more than happy to show up and show them that I could dish it as well as I could take it and that being offensive works both ways.. Humor comes in all forms and everyone has their cup of tea about what makes them laugh. But the day we censor humor is a sad one for sure. All I gotta say is, lighten up, people.”
Matlin is developing a program for Showtime.