Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Why is ISIS recruiting deaf people?

This past weekend we shared with you the video produced by ISIS (or the Islamic State) in which two men sign to each other and tell viewers to join the ISIS jihad. Why are they doing this? In a piece published by the BBC the Limping Chicken's Charlie Swinbourne writes, "Few organisations and groups in the UK make signed and subtitled videos to communicate clearly with deaf people, so the fact that IS have made a fully accessible video could make them seem more deaf-friendly than many who are closer to home." Read his full commentary here.

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MM said...

Limping chicken et al should be ashamed to publish anything from IS. IS are NOT interested in recruiting deaf people, they are showing that they can appeal to anyone, and using accessible videos at the deaf is one way they try to do it. they are suggesting THEY offer access and others don't etc... They are perverts, paedophiles, barbarians, rapists, murderers, drug pushers, and thieves of priceless artefacts, throwbacks to a dark age of hatred, please give NO MORE oxygen to help them, this is abuse of free speech, the ultimate abuse of it.