Sunday, June 29, 2014

Gallaudet has more sex offenses of any college in the area

Gallaudet University had highest total of reports of forcible sex offenses on campus during 2012 of any school in the DC area, according to a study by the Washington Post of federal crime data. The number was 18, followed by George Washington University with 10, and American University with 7. The newspaper reports that "Gallaudet also had the highest rate of reported forcible sex offenses among all colleges the The Post analyzed: more than 11 per thousand students in 2012." Read more here.


MM said...

This mirrored surveys about deaf schools too. Where you get a concentration of people with poor communication and education, abuse becomes some norm. It is why we closed down deaf schools in Wales, they were not working.

Anonymous said...

Who care? If a forced sexual act, then just walks away
I would be a slut of the campus. Cheer.

SweetMind said...

Oh yea blame on deaf oral schools that comes from outside of Deaf community. So it s full of hogwash to blame on Deaf school because there are many sex offenses in any hearing public schools and colleges. For pete's sakes! MM you love to destroy everything what we dont have any communication with our natural native sign language all those years since they were abused Deaf children all those years by AUDISM if you mind. Jeez!