Wednesday, June 4, 2014

FCC orders captioning on 16 programs that wanted exceptions

The FCC has started dismissing petitions by program producers who want exceptions to the Commission's new captioning rules. On Monday, the FCC told a group of 16 that they have 90 days to get closed captions on their video in accordance with the FCC's rules.  Among them:

  • Zomboo’s House of Horror Movies - Reno 
  • Seeking the Lost - Jasper, Alabama 
  • The Bridge - Harlington, Texas 
  • Unionville Missionary Baptist Church Services - Macon, Georgia 
  • Ten O’Clock Worship Service, Panama City, Florida

Read the full list of program producers here. The FCC has said it will gives exemption from the rules if the captioning would be "economically burdensome."