Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Smutty Signs

Kristin Henson is causing a stir with her new book Super Smutty Sign Language. The book is based on her 90-some YouTube videos detailing dirty signs she learned as a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology where she studied animation--not sign language. The book got a boost when the Huffington Post picked up a column written by Henson (which you can read here) where she explains the idea behind the book. She has drawn criticism from people in the deaf community for her signing skills, leading a group to start a petition in an attempt to convince St. Martin's not to publish the book. You can express you own view of the book in the poll on DeafNewsToday.com.


Anonymous said...

The petition is closed

Elizabeth Giraldi said...

Yep... Wanted to sign it but it's closed.

Elizabeth Giraldi said...

Just saw that it's being sold at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com



So am not looking forward to random hearing people coming up to me with stupid signs.