Thursday, October 27, 2011

NTID Honors Partners

NTID is honoring 3 employment partners: Connecticut's American School for the Deaf, the Crane Group (Columbus, Ohio) and IBM. Each of these organizations have a record of hiring RIT/NTID deaf and hard-of-hearing co-op students and graduates. Nine Arts & Imaging Studies students have completed co-ops at the American school’s Printworks operation (three graduates have been hired full time). During the past five years, 14 NTID students received co-ops at various IBM locations (four graduates have been hired full time). Finally, the Crane Group of Companies began hiring RIT/NTID co-op students in 2007 and host the NTID Center on Employment’s “Working Together: Deaf and Hearing People” workshop. The owner, Jay Crane, is a member of the NTID Foundation Board. The National Technical Institute for the Deaf is part of New York's Rochester Institute of Technology.