Wednesday, October 26, 2011

iPhone Tricks

Mashable suggests these "iPhone Tricks."

Create Custom Vibration Alerts
Personalize custom vibration alerts for particular contacts with "unique vibrate patterns." This tool identifies an important caller (child, boss, etc) when it's not possible to see your screen. To activate this option, go to the "Settings" menu, then "General," then "Accessibility." Create the custom vibration patterns in the "Sounds" menu, accessed via "Settings." At the very bottom of the "Sounds" menu, you'll see "Vibration Patterns." Here you can create a new vibration pattern by tapping on the screen. Name and save it. Next, head to your contacts, tap "Edit" on the correct contact and choose the "Vibration" option. You can add your custom creation to that contact's profile.

Get LED Flash Alerts
This is not one to use if you're trying to conserve battery life, but is very handy if you want a visual cue for incoming calls. In the "Accessibility" menu choose the option that sets your phone to flash alert; you'll be notified of incoming calls, texts and notifications.

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