Monday, April 8, 2013

Smaller Hearing Aids

What's the difference between hearing aids for those who've lost the entire range of sound frequencies and those with age-related hearing loss?  And what will newer, digital models do for you?  NPR explores the issue on its Morning Edition show by talking to experts at Gallaudet University:
Features like directional listening are possible because today's hearing aids are controlled by tiny computers that analyze and manipulate sound. This allows them to do things like reduce the drone of an air conditioner while amplifying speech sounds. Larry Medwetsky, an audiologist at Gallaudet says "I'm able to hear the instruments better," because of newer hearing aids. "I'm hearing a richness that I never heard before." Medwetsky's hearing aids have ear molds that completely fill the ear canal. That's the best solution for people like him who have hearing loss that affects the entire range of sound frequencies.
Listen or read the story from NPR here.