Friday, June 8, 2012

Former Gally Prof Passes

A retired Gallaudet professor has died. Adele Krug taught at the DC school for 20 years, but passed away following a stroke at the age of 104 in Virginia. Originally from Minnesota, she suffered from mumps at the age of 8 a nd lost some of her hearing. With the help of hearing aids, she was able to hear until she lost her hearing entirely at the age of 93. Krug attended the Minnesota School for the Deaf where she learned sign language and graduated in 1930 from Gallaudet University. She went on to teach at the Rhode Island School for the Deaf before marrying Gallaudet biology professor and dean of men Walter Krug. When news of the attack on Pearl Harbor came over the radio in 1941, she interpreted the news to students at the school. She retired from Gallaudet in 1975.