Friday, March 16, 2012

Weekend at Disneyland

Disney is hosting its first SIGNin’ in the Street event this weekend. This "celebration of creativity in the deaf community" takes place at Disney's California theme part. The cast of ABC Familiy's Switched at Birth will take part in a panel discussion and sign autographs. Unseen episodes of the show will be screened and the film about ultimate fighter Matt Hamill called The Hammer will be shown along with the documentary See What I’m Saying. Stars from those films will be available to answer questions and to perform live. Deaf West Theater will preview the groups upcoming show and offer guests workshops about ASL and acting. Drum CafĂ©, TL Forsberg, star of the new Shut Up and Sign ASL DVD series Bob Hiltermann, Beethoven’s Nightmare, and comic CJ Jones will perform as well. Disney is creating merchandise especially for the event featuring American Sign Language.