Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lawsuit Threatened in 21 Incident

A man roughed up by a security guard is threatening to sue over the incident. When Alejandro Rea failed to stop when an alarm sounded as he walked out of a Forever 21 store, mall security guards tackled the deaf man and placed him in a choke-hold. The store admited the guard used excessive force and suspended him indefinately. Video of the incident can be seen in an earlier post on Deaf News Today. The video, shot by Joshua Fountain using his cell phone, has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times since it was uploaded to YouTube. Alejandro Rea remains in a Los Angeles jail, where he has been since the arrest because he hasn't been able come up with the $56,000 bond. He's not due back in court until next Tuesday. His lawyer says the security guards threw him against a wall after they got Rea into an office.