Thursday, July 15, 2010

Man Serving 10 Years May Be Innocent

Dallas Police police insist the deaf man they locked away for assaulting a 5-year old girl is guilty - even though fingerprint evidence found at the scene of the crime matches a man wanted in nearly a dozen similar crimes. Stephen Brodie is now serving a 10 year sentence for the sexual assault. But his supposed confession came during 18 hours of questioning in which he also admited to committing crimes investigators made-up. Brodie showed no knowledge of the crime scene. Police failed to use an interpreter for nearly half of their interrogations and did not find any physical evidence linking Brodie to the crime. Brodie has maintained his innocence following the interviews and says he simply gave up after hours of badgering from police officers. The DA's office is now formally investigating the possibility. Brodie contracted spinal meningitis at an early age which left him deaf.