Sunday, May 3, 2009

Amazing Race: Episode 11

On tonight’s edition of The Amazing Race, teams had to find a Travelocity gnome. Margie and her deaf son Luke are the first to find their gnome. Margie shows she is exhausted and says she’ll lose it if she hears Luke holler out her just one more time. Their clue tells them where to go to find electric bikes. They each ride a bike near the Forbidden City and then by Tiananmen Square.

Next, they apply make up to each other and put on costumes as opera characters. Luke has a lot of trouble applying makeup on Margie. He is supposed to make it match the makeup of another person. Margie gets frustrated and Luke signs to her that he is quitting. But he doesn’t.

They end the episode as team number two. Another team they have had conflicts with, sisters Jen and Kisha, are eliminated because Jen stops to go to the rest room.

Next week on the Season Finale of The Amazing Race teams travel to Hawaii.