Monday, February 9, 2015

TX deaf school could be moved

If someone Texas lawmakers get their way, the grounds in Austin where the state School for the Deaf sits could be sold off to make up for budget losses. State Senator John Whitmire wants the school moved off the 67 acres of land. The Austin Statesmen quotes him as saying to school officials, “You’re sitting on some of the most expensive land in Austin.” Read more here.

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Nick Bezdek said...

I went to that school and its a great school so I know that we deaf and hard of hearing are not going to win this war against hearing people of America,so do what you want.your going to do it any way.yes I have been fighting for the deaf and hard of hearing for 20 years to get the us government to allow us to work and serve our offense here but you hate us and we done nothing wrong,you threaten us and we done nothing wrong the usaf threaten me and I've done nothing wrong I'm hard of hearing.give me a break I'm only human not an animal.