Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Proposed law would begin to open the US military to the deaf

Congressman Mark Takano
A bill in the US Congress would allow the deaf to serve in the Air Force. California congressman Mark Takano, a Democrat from California, put the proposed legislation before the House Armed Services Committee. H.R.5296 has the support of the NAD (National Association of the Deaf) and covers people who use hearing aids or cochlear ear implants. If approved, changes would begin with a pilot program, which would be expanded if all goes well. Co-sponsors include four other Democrats: Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, Niki Tsongas of Massachusetts, as well as John Garamendi and Henry Waxman of California. Read the proposal here.

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Nick Bezdek said...

Yes yes thank you and as a hard of hearing person.I can't wait to serve in the US Air Force in the pilot program and please let me know because I have been fighting the US Government to allow people like Nolan and I to serve.