Friday, February 14, 2014

Sue Thomas on pastor turned atheist

Sue Thomas is responding to the deaf pastor who says he is now an atheist. Thomas worked undercover for the FBI and even had a TV show based on her life, which you can read here. Thomas is a Christian who had a strong reaction to Justin Vollmar's revelation that he “is spiritually dead” and never truly knew God. You can see his confession here. Thomas wrote in the In The Christian Post, “For this deaf man who has made your post to bear no witness unto Him, my heart is saddened,” Thomas wrote. “The deaf man screams that there is no God. Well, he never knew Him. He is spiritually dead and he is deaf as a stone to the voice of a living God.” You can read more here. Below  is a video interview with Thomas from 2010.


Anonymous said...

Having been a 'christian' growing up before becoming an atheist. I was an atheist for 12 years before I became properly saved in late 2009.

I honestly agree with Sue Thomas. I have also attended that church he went to. I think that some of the largest issue surrounding this situation is the fact that there are so little support for the deaf christian around the nation. There are only a few wholly deaf churches and unfortunately, they sometime takes in the deaf drama easily. Christian may be a majority religion in US but DEAF christian are the minority of the deaf minority based on my experience.

Anonymous said...

She can have her beliefs if she wants and by the sound of it she is full of it...beliefs that is.... She has no need to be saddened for anyone who has made the informed and logical decision to no longer believe in fantasies. Sue Thomas is just as much an atheist to a thousand other religions as I am. The only difference is I have one more on my list of religions I don't believe. With belief comes a sense of desperation and a looking for belonging and to be specially loved by someone. THAT is what is sad. To need that acceptance so badly that you'd choose to simply believe in the wonderful fairytale over reality. That is true sad... Life is heard Sue but you don't need to invent your own reality to get through it.